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GetYourGoing PowerPoint opening for Itchy-O Marching Band on Halloween!

This will be the wildest Halloween ever!
Itchy-O is a 32+ piece marching band with tons of drummers (including taiko!), electronics, noise and other instrumentation.
They surround the audience, weaving throughout, creating unique aural experiences for each observer.
Remember Crash Worship?  This is better.
I’ll be doing a mystery PowerPoint presentation and…?????

Zombie Ramen Shop

With a lot of help, I’m running a zombie-themed ramen shop at Zombie Zone at Denver Pavilions on Saturday, October 17th from noon-6 p.m.
My Fukuoka-style raman yatai stand will be near 16th & Glenarm (16th St. Mall in Denver)
This is during Denver Zombie Crawl – come on down!
There will be amazing ramen (vegetarian and pork options) with edible body parts…
AND Dessert Ramen! (red-hot-cinnamon!)

GetYourGoing PowerPoint – Opening for DBUK

Saturday, October 24th at Mercury Cafe
I’ll be doing a GetYourGoing PowerPoint presentation about a mystery topic (and with a special guest!)
…opening for Denver Broncos U.K. (DBUK), which is members of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, in an entirely different project.
It’s their album release party, and also Ted Thacker’s The Red Tack is playing.

9:30 p.m. $15 at the door
Mercury Cafe is at 22nd and California St. – Downtown Denver.

Check out my interview at Live From the Denver Press Club

On May 27th, I got to be the first interviewee for the RiNo District Radio series Live From the Denver Press Club.  Rob Scoggins Jr. is the host – a wacky guys, voiceover artist, worked for RadioDisney…you get the idea.  We talked about art, events, powerpoint and donuts…a LOT of time spent on donuts!

Give it a listen or download it for later listening pleasure!

Giant art exhibition at TEDxMileHigh June 13th

I got the opportunity to display 25-30 of my canvas pieces at Elle Caulkins Opera House for the next TEDxMileHigh!  Saturday June 13th 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

I’ll pull from several of my art shows, including: FOOD FACE, Blood Lustre, Unstill Life and many more!
If you’re not familiar with TEDx, it’s a day of really interesting short talks, attended by 2000+ people. My exhibition will be in the lobby.
I’ll also be running an experiential Face Your Fears Photo Booth all day!! Ticket Info




Pi Day (eve) presentation at Black Sheep Fridays at MCA

Friday, March 13, 2015
Black Sheep Fridays is a quirky, fun night in/around the cafe at the Museum of Contemporary art.
I presented about the irrational number pi, and some of the pop culture surrounding it, along with piphilology.
We had some tasks and games, as well as a “pi” eating contest. [people ate up to 80 digits of pi!]
Also, we celebrated SUPER PI DAY in Japan (3/14/15 9:26:53)