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Screenings of JonBenet’s Tricycle

December 13th at Boulder Library, 7 p.m. Info Sie Film Center December 14th at 2 p.m. (brunch show!) and 9:30 p.m.

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My Movie Kickstarter Launch Party

I have started making a movie! It’s about my crazy collecting and some of the weird items related to JonBenet Ramsey and what I decide to do with them! So weird and crazy. As we raise money to complete the feature film with our Kickstarter, the short premieres at the 39th Denver Film Festival preceding … Continue reading My Movie Kickstarter Launch Party

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Short film to premiere at Denver Film Fest!

While we are working on the feature-length documentary and crowdfunding, we cut together a short in order to beat some film festival deadlines (Denver, Sundance, SlamDance, SXSW). We were accepted and will premiere the short at the 39th Denver Film Fest on November 10th and 11th!! It’s not a short version of the film, it’s … Continue reading Short film to premiere at Denver Film Fest!

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Food Face

I am not a portrait photographer. I am an in the moment photographer. Call me a snapshot artist. I document unique experiences. FOOD FACE is a recurring event in my visual vernacular. Please enjoy FOOD FACE. -Andrew Novick, 2012 Opening photos by Jesse Nobbe

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GetYourGoing PowerPoint Presentation

I will be “performing” a PowerPoint opening for a 35 mm showing of John Carpenter’s The Thing on June 4th at 9 p.m. It’s part of Theresa Mercado’s latest Scream Screen horror series of John Carpenter films (May 28 – June 11). Each of my presentations is unique, and I never divulge the topic ahead … Continue reading GetYourGoing PowerPoint Presentation

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