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Deconstructed/Reconstructed Brunch

DECONSTRUCTION Closing Brunch – a closing party for an alternative photo exhibition.
Sunday, 4/14/2019 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
1 Galapago, Denver (Ellsworth and Galapago)
Denver’s Wackiest Chef, Andrew Novick will be preparing Deconstructed/Reconstructed brunch items
(with the help of Deconstruction curators and artists)

World’s Weirdest Bloody Marys
Molecular Mimosas
Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg…or the Waffle!
Breakfast Burrito-on-a-Stick
Donuts Bread Pudding
Japanese Coffee Jelly

Gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian options available (please let us know you’re coming)
Brunch and cocktails for suggested donation – funds go towards supporting Andrew’s creations and Studio Altieri.

Enter a drawing to win art works from some DECONSTRUCTION artists!

Thanks for your purchase for Andrew’s 300th at Casa Bonita!

Thanks for your purchase for Andrew’s 300th at Casa Bonita!

You will be sent instructions about ticket and merch pickup – it will be at NEXT Gallery so you can see the “Pretty in Pink” Casa Bonita art show.
NEXT Gallery is at 6851 W.Colfax Ave, Unit B, Lakewood, CO 80214 – just West of Winchells’s Donuts.
Pick up at the art show opening Friday Feb 22nd 6-9 p.m., or on Saturday the 23rd, Noon-5 pm or on the event day: Sunday, February 24th 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

[It you are interested in submitting art for the show, check out their Call for Entries – Final deadline is Feb 6th]

When you arrive at Casa Bonita, wear your “300” sticker and you will go through the line and order as normal
(Don’t forget the Andrew’s Deluxe and Andrew’s Neapolitan Bandito options!) and then when they seat you,
tell them you’re with Andrew’s 300 party and they will seat you in the Magic Show Theater.

We are trying to cycle as many people through the theater as possible for the fundraiser, so please finish your meal
and settle your tab (if you have additional purchases) before exploring around the restaurant, scavenger hunt, etc.
There will be mermaids, puppet shows and Andrew’s gunfights throughout the day!

Please help spread the word about the 300th Fundraiser/party – with this link
Facebook event page

Buy tickets for Andrew’s 300th Casa Bonita Adventure


Thanks for your support!!!
Sign up for my email list to be informed about future events!

Welcome to the ticket page for Andrew Novick’s 300th Casa Bonita Adventure!
Casa Bonita will donate 20% of the food/drink income to a charity of my choice!
[Mariposa neighborhood’s Food Bridge International Marketplace]
It’s on Sunday February 24th. For additional information, check the event page.

All of the meal options include:
– Your choice of entree from the menu (Including Andrew’s Deluxe Dinner!). [Fajitas cost extra – see bottom button]
– Unlimited chips & salsa, guacamole and chile con queso
– Unlimited Sopaipillas with toppings bar (first time ever!)
– Special Entertainment
Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and tips for waitstaff are not included.
Every person over 2 must purchase a meal.

4″ Patch, Designed by Dolla B Rap of NEXT Gallery

Deluxe Option $35 ($54 value!) *BEST DEAL*
– Entree and unlimited sopaipillas with toppings bar
– Iron-on patch
– Custom enamel pin! (see image)
– Magnet (2″x3.5″) (see image)
– Bumper Sticker
– Event poster (11″x17”)
– Bag of arcade tokens
– Commemorative chocolate coin
– Two Postcards
SOLD OUT! We have reached capacity for the event!

Sign up for my email list to be informed about future events!

Kids option (12 and under) $10 ($19 value!)
– Entree from Little Amigos Menu [includes chips & salsa, sopaipillas and toppings bar]
– Bag of arcade tokens
– Commemorative chocolate coin
– Bumper Sticker
– Magnet (2″x3.5″)

$5 worth of tokens!

Questions? Email Andrew

Andrew’s 300th Meal at Casa Bonita Fundraiser/Party!

I have been going to Casa Bonita my whole life and the next visit will be my 300th! I celebrated with a huge event in conjunction with Casa Bonita as a fundraiser.
We raised $1800 for the Mariposa neighborhood’s Food Bridge International Marketplace.

Photos from the event are here!!! (upload yours if you have not already)
The date was Sunday, February 24th from Noon to 7 p.m. and was be in conjunction with the
NEXT Gallery Pretty in Pink group art show – celebrating all things Casa Bonita (2nd year in a row!)

We took over the Magic Show Theater all day with awesome things on the stage, including Mentalist Magician: Miss Claire Voyant!
I got to participate in gunfights with Black Bart and there were puppet shows featuring a puppet of me! I also crafted an amazing scavenger hunt!
All sorts of custom collectibles for the event were made and I even re-designed the old “floaty” cliff diver pens they used to have!
Special menu options for this event: Andrew’s Deluxe Dinner, sopaipilla toppings bar (first time ever) and Andrew’s Neapolitan Bandito! (chocolate/strawberry/whipped-cream)
Andrew’s Deluxe Dinner: One crispy chile relleno, a taco, two cheese enchiladas, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, beans and rice. (Free refills on everything but relleno)

There has been some great press on this event!
Anne Herbst did a great piece on 9News!
It was on Channel 2 News!
Westword article: Andrew Novick Is in the Pink at Casa Bonita
Denver Post article on Casa Bonita
Check out my appearance on Food Channel Canada’s “World Weirdest Restaurants” episode about Casa Bonita.
See that time I hosted Street Level Season 3 on Colorado Public Television – Season 3 Episode 2 was about Colfax Avenue and Casa Bonita Denver! That was my 267th visit! [CasaB part starts around 8:00]
Denver band SPELLS rocked out at Casa Bonita for a music video filmed for UMS. Featuring me as as Chiquita the gorilla!

Andrew’s Neapolitan Bandito

Food Face

I am not a portrait photographer.
I am an in the moment photographer.
Call me a snapshot artist.
I document unique experiences.
FOOD FACE is a recurring event in my visual vernacular.
Please enjoy FOOD FACE.

-Andrew Novick, 2012
Opening photos by Jesse Nobbe

































Blood Lustre Art Show

Blood Lustre – Portraits using human blood

Where horror movies, zombie culture and stage blood are becoming ubiquitous and very realistic, actual blood seems like the next logical step in this extreme aesthetic.
It was an experiment – Would it even look real? Is it going too far? Could I find any models?
It has been a great experience… and quite the process.
Thanks to all of the models, who donated their own blood, J9 as the phlebotomist and Bloody Panda and to Kitchens’ Ink.

-Andrew Novick, 2013





Animalize  16"x24" $89

Power of Suggestion  16"x24" $89

Look 16"x24" $89

Extrusion  16"x24" $89

Former Assistant  16"x24" $89

100% RDA  16"x24" $89


Body Bag 16"x24" $89


D.O.A. 12"x18" $69

Biohazard 16"x24" $89

Doll's Eye  10"x10" $39

Sawed  10"x10" $39

Clot Gag  10"x10" $39

American Beauty  10"x10" $39

Saw  10"x10" $39

Toe Tag  10"x10" $39

Raging Bull   10"x10" $39

Bloody Pandas  16"x24" $89

B23 Scalpel   10"x10" $39

Operation  16"x24" $89

Bathory   16"x24" $89

Cover Girl "10x10" $39

Aphthae I    12"x18" $69

Aphthae II    12"x18" $69

Aphthae III    12"x18" $69

Cow-Eyed Fuck 16"x24" $89

Fruit Transfusion 10"x10" $39

Blood Picnic 20"x30" $99

Exanguination 20"x30" $99

Mmmm...Corn 10"x10" $39

Hungry Like the Stole 16"x24" $89

American Beauty 10"x10" $39

Corn Appetit 10"x10" $39

Hemorrhage 10"x10" $39

Osmosis 10"x10" $39

Cast Off 10"x10" $39

Whipped 10"x10" $39

Short film to premiere at Denver Film Fest!

While we are working on the feature-length documentary and crowdfunding, we cut together a short in order to beat some film festival deadlines (Denver, Sundance, SlamDance, SXSW).
We were accepted and will premiere the short at the 39th Denver Film Fest on November 10th and 11th!!
It’s not a short version of the film, it’s more like a precursor to the film – it will make you want to see the feature like crazy!
It will precede a feature-length documentary called Ovarian Psycos – so you get tickets to that, and you will see both!
Here’s how to get tickets:

Please support the Kickstarter! Lots of goofball rewards!!

My Movie Kickstarter Launch Party

I have started making a movie! It’s about my crazy collecting and some of the weird items related to JonBenet Ramsey and what I decide to do with them!
So weird and crazy.
As we raise money to complete the feature film with our Kickstarter, the short premieres at the 39th Denver Film Festival preceding an awesome documentary Ovarian Psycos (sic) on November 10th and 11th.
So you purchase a ticket for that film and see both!

Friday, October 21st – Kickstarter Launch Party! 9 p.m. – Midnight
Location: Jake’s Sports & Spirits 3800 Walnut St, Denver, Colorado 80205

Come learn about the campaign and watch the campaign video, a teaser for the film and lots of clips of times I have been on TV and more!

Everything will repeat a few times – so stop by at some point!
A free drink ticket for the first 50 people!
Free coffee and deep-fried Oreos all night, courtesy of the director!

Email to get updated on news about the project!

Twitter @JonBenetsTrike