Andrew Novick collects a lot of things – he might have over a hundred different collections!

Collections include:
clown figures and toys, clown paintings, thrift store art, fawns, wacky food products (i.e. ketchup-flavored potato chips, pre-packaged cotton candy, foreign food products), different kinds of fruit punch, promotional items for products/companies, hair, cereal dust*, toys/games/lunchboxes from 70’s and 80’s, barbies, Jem and the Holograms stuff, celebrity dolls, other dolls and custom dolls, sleeping bags, religious/devil items, anything related to teeth/braces, wacky Japanese products, jello molds, t-shirts, stickers (he can’t get up the gumption to stick them on anything!), chihuahua-related items/photos, BBQ/meat-related items/books/photos, fingernails, shoes, Beverly Hills 90210 items/video, Sharon Tate photos/movies, ticket stubs, photo IDs, training videos, video tapes of television shows I watched, masks, ventriloquist dummies, menus, bad records, “toys that don’t care”, domain names, concert flyers, expired credit cards, tokens (coins from arcades, restaurants, etc), found lists, found photos/letters…

article-dHe also has taken well over 40,000 photos (known locally as the “world’s most recreational photographer”) documenting “anything interesting he sees”. Some of the things he gravitates towards in the photography are: BBQs, shoes, shoes with purses, other people’s collections, roadkill, bands, hairstyles, injuries/bruises, clowns, signs, animals, friends/strangers, fingernails, mannequins, chihuahuas and food – LOTS of photos of food and deserts! He has worked some of these photo collections into art exhibitions.

In 2009, Michelle Baldwin and Adam Lerner curated a gallery show of the collections at The Lab at Belmar, in Lakewood, Colorado. The Lab was later absorbed into the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. This was a wildly popular show during it’s 3-month run, attracting a lot of visitors and attention. There were over 8,000 objects to see and some things to hear too! [recordings of Andrew talking to telephone solicitors]

A 100-page gallery catalog (with over 3,000 photos!) was created for the closing of the show which can be purchased in The Store.

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