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Seasonal Pop-Up Ramen shop at Clyde

Sunday, August 28 from 5-8 p.m. Cost:$10
I am creating a seasonal pop-up ramen shop with:
Green Chile Ramen AND Peach Cobbler Dessert Ramen!
One price (advance tickets) and you get to try both flavors!
Come meet the new proprietors of the old Le Central space (8th & Lincoln) – they’re amazing!
They will have a cash bar available! Clyde is at 112 E. 8th Avenue – Denver – 80203
Please pay in advance, as this is a private event:

Punk Scouts Fundraiser – Rainbow Ice Cream Float Bar!

Punk scouts is a group of adults and children who do many traditional scouting activities but minus the gendered activities and nationalism. It is based on
They do activities to earn rad badges and they have asked me to mentor them with a pop-up food event.
We came up with Punk Rock Rainbow Ice Cream Float Bar. Each scout picked a color and invented a flavor of ice cream float.
This fundraiser will help buy them camping gear, and teach them about the food business – please stop by!
There will be different sizes and a “flight” if you would like to sample multiple creations!

Zombie Ramen Shop

With a lot of help, I’m running a zombie-themed ramen shop at Zombie Zone at Denver Pavilions on Saturday, October 17th from noon-6 p.m.
My Fukuoka-style raman yatai stand will be near 16th & Glenarm (16th St. Mall in Denver)
This is during Denver Zombie Crawl – come on down!
There will be amazing ramen (vegetarian and pork options) with edible body parts…
AND Dessert Ramen! (red-hot-cinnamon!)