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Andrew’s 300th Meal at Casa Bonita Fundraiser/Party!

Ticket and Event Information
Pick up your tickets and bonus merch at NEXT Gallery and check out the Casa Bonita art show!
NEXT is 1/2 block West of Casa Bonita (just past Winchell’s): 6851 W Colfax Ave Unit B Lakewood, Colorado 80214

NEXT will be open during these hours this weekend:

Friday, 2/22, 6-10 p.m. (opening reception!)
Saturday, 2/23, Noon-5 p.m.
Sunday, 2/24, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. (on your way to Casa Bonita!)
[* If you don’t get your packet by 6 p.m. proceed to Casa Bonita and you can get it when you get seated – just tell them you’re with the group]

You can arrive at Casa Bonita [6715 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214] any time between Noon and 7 p.m. this Sunday, February 24th.

The event could get very crowded if everyone comes at the same time, so I’m trying out an online poll to help.
If you know when you’re going, please enter it on the poll site here. If you’re wondering when others are going check the results page here.

Your packet contains the bonus merch, meal tickets and a “300” sticker, which you will wear to the event. (some late ticket buyers may not have the “300” sticker).
Go through the line and order food and then you will be seated at the lower level (it’s expanded to the whole lower level because of the number of tickets sold!)

The entertainment is going on throughout day, so you’ll be able to see everything no matter when you go, and I’ll be there the whole time!
Additional merch (eg. Floaty Pens!!) will be for sale, too!

Don’t forget about the “secret” menu items:
-Andrew Deluxe: One crispy chile relleno, a taco, two cheese enchiladas, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, beans and rice. (Free refills on everything but relleno)
-Andrew’s Neapolitan Bandito! (chocolate/strawberry/whipped-cream)

You will use your pre-paid meal tickets when you pay your bill – they will take the amount for the entrees off of the total at that time, but drinks are not included.
Please tip the hard-working staff, they are making a lot of accommodations for us!

This is a unique event and I’m sure there will be hiccups – don’t worry, we’ll take care of you!

This is going to be sooo fun!! Use the hashtag #casabonita300
Thanks for coming to crazy events in Denver and for supporting Food Bridge International Marketplace!
(20% of food and drinks will go to them!)

If you have to get a hold of me, send an email – if necessary, you can send a text to: 720-771-8793 but please realize I will be very busy.

I have been going to Casa Bonita my whole life and the next visit will be my 300th! I will celebrating with a huge event in conjunction with Casa Bonita as a fundraiser.
They will donate 20% of the food and drink income to a charity of my choice, which will be the Mariposa neighborhood’s Food Bridge International Marketplace.

The date is Sunday, February 24th from Noon to 7 p.m. (advance tickets only) and will be in conjunction with the
NEXT Gallery Pretty in Pink group art show – celebrating all things Casa Bonita (opening is Friday 2/22).

There are a TON of fun things planned – we will take over the Magic Show Theater all day with awesome things on the stage, including Mentalist Magician: Miss Claire Voyant!
I get to participate in gunfights with Black Bart and there will be puppet shows featuring a puppet of me! I am also crafting an amazing scavenger hunt!
All sorts of custom collectibles for the event will be included with different ticket levels and available for sale too! I even re-designed the old “floaty” cliff diver pens they used to have!
Special menu options for this event: Andrew’s Deluxe Dinner, sopaipilla toppings bar (first time ever) and Andrew’s Neapolitan Bandito! (chocolate/strawberry/whipped-cream)
Andrew’s Deluxe Dinner: One crispy chile relleno, a taco, two cheese enchiladas, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, beans and rice. (Free refills on everything but relleno)

There has been some great press on this event!
It was on Channel 2 News!
Westword article: Andrew Novick Is in the Pink at Casa Bonita
Denver Post article on Casa Bonita
Check out my appearance on Food Channel Canada’s “World Weirdest Restaurants” episode about Casa Bonita.
See that time I hosted Street Level Season 3 on Colorado Public Television – Season 3 Episode 2 was about Colfax Avenue and Casa Bonita Denver! That was my 267th visit! [CasaB part starts around 8:00]
Denver band SPELLS rocked out at Casa Bonita for a music video filmed for UMS. Featuring me as as Chiquita the gorilla!

In order to plan this massive event, budget for entertainment and work it all out with the restaurant, advance purchase is required. Thanks!


Andrew’s Neapolitan Bandito

Here is the Facebook event page please share and invite people!