Blood Lustre Art Show

Blood Lustre – Portraits using human blood

Where horror movies, zombie culture and stage blood are becoming ubiquitous and very realistic, actual blood seems like the next logical step in this extreme aesthetic.
It was an experiment – Would it even look real? Is it going too far? Could I find any models?
It has been a great experience… and quite the process.
Thanks to all of the models, who donated their own blood, J9 as the phlebotomist and Bloody Panda and to Kitchens’ Ink.

-Andrew Novick, 2013





Animalize  16"x24" $89

Power of Suggestion  16"x24" $89

Look 16"x24" $89

Extrusion  16"x24" $89

Former Assistant  16"x24" $89

100% RDA  16"x24" $89


Body Bag 16"x24" $89


D.O.A. 12"x18" $69

Biohazard 16"x24" $89

Doll's Eye  10"x10" $39

Sawed  10"x10" $39

Clot Gag  10"x10" $39

American Beauty  10"x10" $39

Saw  10"x10" $39

Toe Tag  10"x10" $39

Raging Bull   10"x10" $39

Bloody Pandas  16"x24" $89

B23 Scalpel   10"x10" $39

Operation  16"x24" $89

Bathory   16"x24" $89

Cover Girl "10x10" $39

Aphthae I    12"x18" $69

Aphthae II    12"x18" $69

Aphthae III    12"x18" $69

Cow-Eyed Fuck 16"x24" $89

Fruit Transfusion 10"x10" $39

Blood Picnic 20"x30" $99

Exanguination 20"x30" $99

Mmmm...Corn 10"x10" $39

Hungry Like the Stole 16"x24" $89

American Beauty 10"x10" $39

Corn Appetit 10"x10" $39

Hemorrhage 10"x10" $39

Osmosis 10"x10" $39

Cast Off 10"x10" $39

Whipped 10"x10" $39